Fourteenth Day of Spring Semester 2012

Kind of died and wasted some time the past few days. It wasn’t that I did *nothing* . . it was just really close to nothing. Finished a series that ended inconclusively, but decided not to follow up in print form, no time for that.

Had Sets today and it was a little more interesting than last week. We talked about some interesting things like set equivalence and the axiom of choice. That class should be picking up pretty quickly.

I’m not technically in all my classes yet .-. so we’ll see how tomorrow goes…also, trying out a new schedule for myself and we’ll also see how that plays out tomorrow haha…not sure if I can do it ^^;

Also, working out my deadlines for my applications of various types and the respective essays @.@

~10pm, just finished an hour and fifteen minutes of QFT (Ryder) and I covered from page 245  (top) to page 249 (bottom). . .so not bad. Some stuff I didn’t really like in there though ….I need to check that if something has for instance, an eigenvalue of zero, there’s no inverse operator. Not good with my linear operators. Also need to check the transition from the variation of the electromagnetic tensor => the quadratic Lagrangian term. Going to ignore a lot of the Fourier transform and commutation things for now, but will ask later tonight I suppose. Will probably work on Ring Theory after this, for a while, and then GR?

~10:50 did thirty minutes of Rings and finished my assigned problem and took some notes @.@ shockingly slow progress. . .but it felt alright.

~11:30, after talking and working on the schedule I think I have it worked out, in general? We’ll see. Another half hour of Rings for now…

~12am. . .finished another half an hour of Rings, the material is not bad so far. On page 253, started on 249 tonight but I also did the problem I needed to. Some interesting examples…anyway, onto GR.

~1am…finished an hour of GR and got to page 45 (72 on pdf) from page 30. . .not bad, though I slightly glazed over some of it. .-. Ended with Stress Energy Tensor. . .this review material is taking far too long.

at 2 I’m sleeping, so I think I’ll get ready for tomorrow. ..

~1:45 I made lunch for two, put out clothes for tomorrow…don’t think anything eventful will happen between now and sleep.


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