Ninth Day of Spring Semester 2012. . .

Alright, so I’m starting a bit earlier today (~7:00am) and before I start I’m going to get some music going and check physicsforums before starting. XD nothing there…music then go~

~7:15 starting now~

~8pm now….so 45 of Ryder done, I’m on page 222 (only 20 pages from the finish!)  But after I finish this (assuming I do) there’s still a mess of other things to do .-. until then…laundry and food for a bit~

Alright so I need to finish the ~20 pages of material .-. thinking I’ll just do *most* of it and meet another time for the tail end and begin 7 for next week. I’m going to get through 7 (or most of it) this coming week >=[ I’ve decided it.

Also need to look at GR material for maybe an hour and talk to him about starting, and not really start or something x.X something like that.

Tomorrow afternoon will look over maths, I need to read ch. 13 of Gallian at some point before noon though (it’s like integral domains or something basic like that) for Galois. . .

I would like to read some REA physics problems and maybe work on Apostol some .-. ha.

~8:30 starting again on Ryder for another half an hour.

~9pm and I’m on page 226 ;O woo for skipping when the author tells you to! left a note for myself to fill that stuff back in another time though >,<‘ Not entirely satisfied with my ability to throw a unitary matrix inside of an integral. . .and then absorb it into a functional derivative… ? So another half an hour down

~9:30 another half an hour (ish) done but I’m like .-.  anyways, I got to page 227…? Well I guess I read to the end but I need to finish the notes on it. . . .

~9:45 Intending to do about 15 minutes of work to finish the section

~10pm 😀 done with section 6.8 and I’m on page 228 (progress?) have lots of questions, but the material has been read and (a little) thought over. so that’s another 15 minutes on Ryder. . .taking a break now to waste a little bit of time ><‘

~11pm Starting reading Weinberg Gr…

~12pm, reading Weinberg and got caught up on a step or two in SR (ouch .-.) and asked a q on physicsforums, we’ll see how that goes got from page 25 to page 29 in text, page 57 of the pdf.

~1:45 did another 45 minutes of Ryder in the correct direction .-. on page 230 and lost….moving to sec. 6.10 for the remainder of this hour =|

~2am added another 15 minutes of Ryder and went from bottom of page 236 to middle of 238. I suppose that’s not awful progress, I have a feeling I could finish this section by itself fairly quickly.

15 minutes spent tutoring .-. kid disconnected when I tried explaining how exponential fractions work…whoops?


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