Eighth Day of Spring Semester 2012

Starting earlier tonight

(9pm) need to get some shit DONE. Ugh…next to nothing done yesterday 😦 This is the list of resources I’m now going to be using for QFT:

Peskin & Schroeder

Feynman’s Operator Calculus (not sure this 21 page paper counts ;P)

Greiner’s Field Quantization

Siegel’s Fields

Aitchison’s Gauge Theories

Srednicki’s QFT

Weinberg’s Vol I

Zee’s QFT in a Nutshell

David Tong’s Lecture Notes and Lectures

Sidney Coleman’s Lectures

…let’s see how many of these I can get to tonight >=] Starting in with Srednicki…

(~9:46) Done with first half hour, talking to someone for a bit though. It’s pretty well presented, though I don’t trust myself on everything still .-.

(~11:17) Starting to finish that hour I planned now…sigh. Got from page 19 – 31 overall…not bad. I kind of like it though I’m not sure I can do all the problems. I think I get now (or better at least) why we have to have an even dimensional matrix for Dirac Equation 😛 may start taking notes if I get to a more relevant section.

(~11:45) Starting on Weinberg now, since I’m reading his Gravitation already, why not? Got to the second section (pages 1- 15) which is page 39 of the pdf  …. I am not a fan of the way he does things because I don’t quite understand all of what he does =| . . .gave up after first half hour, for now

(~12:25) Ryder beginning now, thinking of small chunks of time on Ryder, though several of them .-. must finish a ton of it tonight, but I don’t want to burn out or go through it super blindly. Accidentally set timer for 30 minutes, so my productivity wasn’t *super* but I went from page 212 to 215 if we sort of cheat in how we count pages ;P and I’m almost done with this section :O I think I will stop watch the next segment of Ryder until I finish and clock it when I’m done, bathroom before returning. After this section of Ryder, we’ll see what’s next. ~15 spent so 45 on Ryder so far tonight, it’s ~1:15 am so let’s see what else I could work on… Actually, feeling alright about Ryder…I’ll set a timer for 30 again and see if I can get through more than like two pages of material…let’s aim for three or four? . . .didn’t set . . .whoops.

it’s ~1:45 but I spent some time writing a physics forum post and checking on something. . .sigh. Will work on until ~2:00am and call that like 2 hours total tonight. it’s ~2am ish so I am stopping for now, got to pg. 217…but I am stumbling over some of it. Will be asking someone more knowledgeable to explain

Took about an hour long break …wait…it’s 4am? nvm ^^; bit longer than that…and I’m going to watch a Coleman lecture 😛

~5:40am The lecture was interesting enough for material I know, but it is very difficult to read the board .-. Coleman was funny though. lecture 1 is down.

After showering and such I did another half an hour of QFT for Ryder and am now at ~2.5hours of Ryder and it is ~6:40am, ideally, I’ll be leaving in a bit under 20 minutes. . .so that’s it for today.


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