Sixth Day of Spring Semester 2012 . . .

Spent an hour and half cleaning my room .-.

Worked on Rings with Joe for about an hour…actually, failed on a few problems for an hour .-. Joe is mostly caught up though, so that’s good…

Read set theory for about an hour, got from 4.1 (Introduction) to 4.4.4 (problem set on combining sets). Should get to like, 4.5 or 4.6 tonight?

Chick-fil-A wifi sucks.

Alright onto the real work of the night >,<! Let’s start with an hour of QFT…then see if we get any further XD stupid wasted Saturday 😦 (~1:20 am)

Roughly an hour on QFT (Ryder) brought me from pg. 208 to pg. 213 (finishing phi four theory) . . .but made me sufficiently confused =/ Maybe early tomorrow I can look over some of it a second time and make some progress into (or finish) 6.6, Generating Functional for Connected Diagrams. For tonight, I don’t think I can take any more of this. It’s just to asdlkjhfaldf since there are so many steps that are like “What…wait what??? Why????” Interpretation is pretty straight forward, Feynman Diagrams are stupid easy to read, but the actual steps are sometimes ridiculous =| (~2:30 am)

I need to look at a solid demonstration of functional derivation . . .found bunch of sources, will look at tomorrow.



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