Fifth Day of Spring Semester 2012 . . .

Alright, so I wasted most of the day with eating good pizza and well, D&D so I started working at 1am again…surprise? An hour on QFT (Ryder) has lead me from page 204 to page 208 and a few steps close to the goal of page 243 by Wednesday…whoops on the slow progress. I DID make significant progress in general though, phi-four theory just comes naturally so far, stopped just before two-point functions since I want to review that a little bit before progressing any further and I suppose I’m onto something else for a bit now (~2 am)

Onto Apostol notes and such. . .wooo ><‘ reading and taking some notes on set theory and basic proof techniques .-. . . .Alright, so I did that for ~1 hour and I progressed from page 21 to page 25, woot woot~ .-. haven’t really done many exercises yet, but I have some good notes? Stopped just before least-upper-bound axiom (aka Axiom of Completeness). (~3am now)

I listened to Chalk Dinosaur and Starfucker while working tonight, Follow Me by Chalk Dinosaur was interesting~ Going to eat something medium ish and continue on with something else…maybe REA physics? . . .

Ate and messed around with some of the calculus problems, made some progress on a few but have no idea how to do the Dedekind ones and I don’t know how to prove the AM-GM inequality, even if it’s only for n=2. I feel like there’s a realllly easy way to do this just involving simple algebraic manipulations =| oh well, (~3:45 am) will keep trying for I guess ~15 more then go for a bit of REA then sleep.  🙂 got it~ hehehe…onto REA (~4am)

It’s ~4:30 and I feel like calling it a day >,<‘ up to problem 42 without any real problems, need to review the two I marked from yesterday though =\\


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