Fourth Day of Spring 2012 Semester

Haven’t done anything yet and it’s technically another day, but let’s see what I can get done starting now 😛 (1:00 am)

Odd fact: accidentally got soda today…wasn’t as good as I would have liked it to have been .-. oops. Got a refill and ended up slightly unsatisfied when I finished it…

So academic stuff…looked at the solution for a “think of an example” type problem after guessing for a long time and then forcing myself to prove that one didn’t exist for the simple case I was considering…the example given isn’t outrageously clever, but it’s not something I would’ve come up with very easily. I need to learn how to embed latex and start doing that for posts…

I’m turning on tutoring service and we’ll see how that goes, also going to take notes on Apostol and maybe start trying some of the REA problems in Physics…?

30 ish minutes…not bad, only precalc garbage. Now to print off that problem set. (~1:35 now)

1 hour down on Apostol and related Psets…sucking a little bit .-. (2:45 now) Dedekin-infinite is making me nub.

Additional 15 minutes on the Apostol hw…I give up for the moment, folder-ing it up and moving to another topic. (~3 am now)

REA Probs in Physics? Sounds good…Read chapter 1~ onto chapter 2 😛 See Ch. 2 Problem 23 again? See problem 33 again. (~4am now) so that was about an hour of reading. . . not a ton of progress but I did find two problems to review another time.


Need to take care of UC application crap tomorrow .-.


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