Third Day of Spring Semester 2012

I managed to get the first meeting arranged for Set Theory on Sunday and an idea of where to start for Galois Thoery (Rings in particular)

Alright, so I sort of failed to complete everything for Ch. 6 of Ryder…so that is my priority at the moment.

I found Calculus Syllabi for Apostol I & II…but they look monstrous! Got to budget my time…

I need to do the following:

  • Legitimately organize my time (ouch)
  • Problems in Rings from Gallian, if too easy then moving to Artin.
  • Read the first couple chapters of Lewin’s Set Theory (Ch. 4) and Analysis (Ch. 5)
  • Apostol, seriously. I bought the damn book, I’m going to work through it.
  • Start reviewing other QFT sources from Griffith’s Particles up to Peskin and Schroeder I have; Griffith’s, Ryder, Zee, P&S…should be a whole mess of things to do.
  • Review path integration and Dirac formalization via my Dirac notes and Feynman & Hibbs…this should be a mess, haha
  • Find a physics book to review for the exam with…I really don’t want to do Halliday and Resnick…
  • REA Book on Physics…?
  • Finalize school and application choices then work on essays .-. wooo~?
  • Start working again, yuck.



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