First Day of Spring 2012

First day back was…uneventful.

I secured a recommendation for DOE and the CERN REUs, but I need to ask for the second one still and get it sent out by tomorrow. Started looking for C++ resources and emailed a professor in the CS department about legitimate syllabi and such so that I have a guided path rather than randomly waltzing through some pdf from a programming forum.

Analysis looks like it’s going to be a drag, a friend of mine and I are going to see if we can cover Analysis I and II in one go, should be fun.

Need to work out a legitimate study schedule still, and perhaps equally important, a work schedule. Also, need to plan time to work on applications for colleges and REUs. I think I will post a list of REUs and information, if the information for a given REU grows too large, I may end up giving each a post…but that’s unlikely for the time being. Might post a list of applications at the moment.

1.5 hours of Ryder (Chapter 5)


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