Seventeenth Day of Spring Semester 2012…

Spent the night at a friend’s dorm for convenience. Woke up around 10:30 and then did Ring Theory from 11:00-2:00, roughly. Ate lunch and sat around from 2:30-3:30, then headed to library to take care of some work. ~5:20 now, did about an hour and a half of QFT so far, but taking a break for now. I’m making some progress forward, but I spent quite a while looking at some older things. The older things are better now though 😀 so that’s good. I wasted some time in the library looking for books on functional analysis, so I might look over one of them in a bit. Change of topic now though. I think I’ll start working on Analysis at 5:30 for a half an hour, then maybe sets for a half an hour @.@…. ~6…I lied, whoops. Some time wasted on physicsforums asking questions. heading to building where my analysis class is. ~7:25 reading about Topology of the Real line (6.8)…haven’t spent a ton of time on it yet though. On 6.8.4 now

So little accomplished


Sixteenth Day of Spring Semester 2012

Half an hour spent on Apostol for Caltech Math time…the whole no Galois Theory today fucked me up bad >:[ Pretty chill material, left something for myself to prove. Think I proved it in workplace, will take a look at it later I suppose?

Covered quite a bit of Alt4.20, want to be able to re-write the proof still now that I understand it a bit better…there are some parts that were not hard that I did NOT understand the first time through .-.
I’ve read Alt 6 through 6.7 or so, but I need to go back and prove some things/re-read some examples probably before moving on.
There really IS a lot more to topics in sets than I thought, some of this stuff takes a while to digest after reading and re-reading ><…progress is good though. A total of another hour was what I just did, so that’s good….

~11 Ate dinner, got my jacket back, got brownies…exercised for an hour too. Onto Caltech Physics prep then definitely QFT.

~11:20 **Problem 50 was legit*** SO OP did the problem  55 in REA physics no problem. Jokes. Moving on >:] ch. 3, Kinematics XDD …I feel like I can skip this, but that would be cheap.  *Problem 71 had a semi legit approach. *86 is a very straight forward approach as well. *Problem 91 says show…they should have just plugged and demonstrated… I’ll call it an hour now and then worry about finishing the last ten minutes later.

~12:27Still need to:



Galois Theory

(technically I need another half an hour of Caltech Math preparation…)

Taking a break (god knows why)..

~2am I ate and did college/research application stuff for a while .-. working on Galois Theory now. . .

~3am An hour of Galois Theory done @.@ done with Chapter 14 now…but I’m definitely going to need to review before presenting 😦

~3:30 Finished the reading I needed to do for Caltech Physics preparation.. on page 101 now 😛 Dynamics~


Fifteenth Day of Spring Semester 2012


I got in at 11 and did an hour of GR…that was kind of fail, but I know now that I’m going to have to take my time with some of it and review some of the tensor arithmetic etc. etc.

Meet with two professors about summer research locations and I got some feedback…should be helpful

Ate lunch from 1-2,

Set theory from 2:30 to 3

Did Apostol from 3-4 now I’m here. I had exercising scheduled, but I have no shorts .-. so that’s fail.  Updating fitocracy and livestrong, will be thinking of something to do instead shortly.

~5 starting up again on sets and then going onto Analysis .-.

~5:45 read the complex number part of the Analysis book, did not attempt any of the exercises by hand but did a few in my head.

~6:30 total of about an hour on Sets and Analysis, so I’m at about 1.5 hours today. Starting class today.

~2am So I worked on Galois for about 50~ minutes and I plan to round off an hour with some reading, but that was a while back. I also had an hour of time exercising, a while eating dinner (mostly spent eating free-ish food) and a huge portion of time was spent on organizing applications. As of now, I’ve yet to prepare to go to sleep and I have yet to do any work on GR(eh whatevs) and have yet to do any work on preparing for the Caltech physics exam ^^;…oops? I might do a half an hour of Caltech Physics preparation and then sleep somewhere close to three, over all…not an unproductive day though.


Fourteenth Day of Spring Semester 2012

Kind of died and wasted some time the past few days. It wasn’t that I did *nothing* . . it was just really close to nothing. Finished a series that ended inconclusively, but decided not to follow up in print form, no time for that.

Had Sets today and it was a little more interesting than last week. We talked about some interesting things like set equivalence and the axiom of choice. That class should be picking up pretty quickly.

I’m not technically in all my classes yet .-. so we’ll see how tomorrow goes…also, trying out a new schedule for myself and we’ll also see how that plays out tomorrow haha…not sure if I can do it ^^;

Also, working out my deadlines for my applications of various types and the respective essays @.@

~10pm, just finished an hour and fifteen minutes of QFT (Ryder) and I covered from page 245  (top) to page 249 (bottom). . .so not bad. Some stuff I didn’t really like in there though ….I need to check that if something has for instance, an eigenvalue of zero, there’s no inverse operator. Not good with my linear operators. Also need to check the transition from the variation of the electromagnetic tensor => the quadratic Lagrangian term. Going to ignore a lot of the Fourier transform and commutation things for now, but will ask later tonight I suppose. Will probably work on Ring Theory after this, for a while, and then GR?

~10:50 did thirty minutes of Rings and finished my assigned problem and took some notes @.@ shockingly slow progress. . .but it felt alright.

~11:30, after talking and working on the schedule I think I have it worked out, in general? We’ll see. Another half hour of Rings for now…

~12am. . .finished another half an hour of Rings, the material is not bad so far. On page 253, started on 249 tonight but I also did the problem I needed to. Some interesting examples…anyway, onto GR.

~1am…finished an hour of GR and got to page 45 (72 on pdf) from page 30. . .not bad, though I slightly glazed over some of it. .-. Ended with Stress Energy Tensor. . .this review material is taking far too long.

at 2 I’m sleeping, so I think I’ll get ready for tomorrow. ..

~1:45 I made lunch for two, put out clothes for tomorrow…don’t think anything eventful will happen between now and sleep.

Ninth Day of Spring Semester 2012. . .

Alright, so I’m starting a bit earlier today (~7:00am) and before I start I’m going to get some music going and check physicsforums before starting. XD nothing there…music then go~

~7:15 starting now~

~8pm now….so 45 of Ryder done, I’m on page 222 (only 20 pages from the finish!)  But after I finish this (assuming I do) there’s still a mess of other things to do .-. until then…laundry and food for a bit~

Alright so I need to finish the ~20 pages of material .-. thinking I’ll just do *most* of it and meet another time for the tail end and begin 7 for next week. I’m going to get through 7 (or most of it) this coming week >=[ I’ve decided it.

Also need to look at GR material for maybe an hour and talk to him about starting, and not really start or something x.X something like that.

Tomorrow afternoon will look over maths, I need to read ch. 13 of Gallian at some point before noon though (it’s like integral domains or something basic like that) for Galois. . .

I would like to read some REA physics problems and maybe work on Apostol some .-. ha.

~8:30 starting again on Ryder for another half an hour.

~9pm and I’m on page 226 ;O woo for skipping when the author tells you to! left a note for myself to fill that stuff back in another time though >,<‘ Not entirely satisfied with my ability to throw a unitary matrix inside of an integral. . .and then absorb it into a functional derivative… ? So another half an hour down

~9:30 another half an hour (ish) done but I’m like .-.  anyways, I got to page 227…? Well I guess I read to the end but I need to finish the notes on it. . . .

~9:45 Intending to do about 15 minutes of work to finish the section

~10pm 😀 done with section 6.8 and I’m on page 228 (progress?) have lots of questions, but the material has been read and (a little) thought over. so that’s another 15 minutes on Ryder. . .taking a break now to waste a little bit of time ><‘

~11pm Starting reading Weinberg Gr…

~12pm, reading Weinberg and got caught up on a step or two in SR (ouch .-.) and asked a q on physicsforums, we’ll see how that goes got from page 25 to page 29 in text, page 57 of the pdf.

~1:45 did another 45 minutes of Ryder in the correct direction .-. on page 230 and lost….moving to sec. 6.10 for the remainder of this hour =|

~2am added another 15 minutes of Ryder and went from bottom of page 236 to middle of 238. I suppose that’s not awful progress, I have a feeling I could finish this section by itself fairly quickly.

15 minutes spent tutoring .-. kid disconnected when I tried explaining how exponential fractions work…whoops?

Eighth Day of Spring Semester 2012

Starting earlier tonight

(9pm) need to get some shit DONE. Ugh…next to nothing done yesterday 😦 This is the list of resources I’m now going to be using for QFT:

Peskin & Schroeder

Feynman’s Operator Calculus (not sure this 21 page paper counts ;P)

Greiner’s Field Quantization

Siegel’s Fields

Aitchison’s Gauge Theories

Srednicki’s QFT

Weinberg’s Vol I

Zee’s QFT in a Nutshell

David Tong’s Lecture Notes and Lectures

Sidney Coleman’s Lectures

…let’s see how many of these I can get to tonight >=] Starting in with Srednicki…

(~9:46) Done with first half hour, talking to someone for a bit though. It’s pretty well presented, though I don’t trust myself on everything still .-.

(~11:17) Starting to finish that hour I planned now…sigh. Got from page 19 – 31 overall…not bad. I kind of like it though I’m not sure I can do all the problems. I think I get now (or better at least) why we have to have an even dimensional matrix for Dirac Equation 😛 may start taking notes if I get to a more relevant section.

(~11:45) Starting on Weinberg now, since I’m reading his Gravitation already, why not? Got to the second section (pages 1- 15) which is page 39 of the pdf  …. I am not a fan of the way he does things because I don’t quite understand all of what he does =| . . .gave up after first half hour, for now

(~12:25) Ryder beginning now, thinking of small chunks of time on Ryder, though several of them .-. must finish a ton of it tonight, but I don’t want to burn out or go through it super blindly. Accidentally set timer for 30 minutes, so my productivity wasn’t *super* but I went from page 212 to 215 if we sort of cheat in how we count pages ;P and I’m almost done with this section :O I think I will stop watch the next segment of Ryder until I finish and clock it when I’m done, bathroom before returning. After this section of Ryder, we’ll see what’s next. ~15 spent so 45 on Ryder so far tonight, it’s ~1:15 am so let’s see what else I could work on… Actually, feeling alright about Ryder…I’ll set a timer for 30 again and see if I can get through more than like two pages of material…let’s aim for three or four? . . .didn’t set . . .whoops.

it’s ~1:45 but I spent some time writing a physics forum post and checking on something. . .sigh. Will work on until ~2:00am and call that like 2 hours total tonight. it’s ~2am ish so I am stopping for now, got to pg. 217…but I am stumbling over some of it. Will be asking someone more knowledgeable to explain

Took about an hour long break …wait…it’s 4am? nvm ^^; bit longer than that…and I’m going to watch a Coleman lecture 😛

~5:40am The lecture was interesting enough for material I know, but it is very difficult to read the board .-. Coleman was funny though. lecture 1 is down.

After showering and such I did another half an hour of QFT for Ryder and am now at ~2.5hours of Ryder and it is ~6:40am, ideally, I’ll be leaving in a bit under 20 minutes. . .so that’s it for today.