Progress in Physics Books

Books and my progress, pages numbers for the moment:

Shankar’s Quantum Theory-page 12 (20/8/2011)-page 22(28/8/2011)

Hewitt’s Conceptual Physics-page 136  (20/8/2011)

Goldstein’s Classical Mechanics-page 16 ( 20/8/2011)

Wheeler’s Spacetime Physics-page 26(20/8/2011)-page 43 (26/8/2011)-page 61(27/8/2011)

Griffith’s Quantum Mechanics-page 64 (20/8/2011)

Ryder’s Quantum Field Theory-page 8 (20/8/2011)

Ryder’s Elementary Particles and Symmetries-page 26 (23/8/2011)

Griffith’s Introduction to Elementary Particles-page 22 (22/8/2011)-page 39 (25/8/2011)-page 66 (29/8/2011)

Taylor’s Spacetime Physics -COMPLETE (sort of cheated the end, but I’m reading more texts so I’ll give it to myself) (18/9/2011)

Resnick’s Introduction to Special Relativity-page 8 (10/9/2011)

French’s Special Relativity-page 4 (10/9/2011)-page 17(19/8/2011)-page 37 (20/9/2011)

Einstein’s Relativity, the Special and General Theory-Page 12(19/9/2011)-page 17(20/9/2011)

Problem Progression:

? I’ll update this later…for now, I’ll just post what I have.


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